4 Things to Remember When Buying Diaper Bags

4 Things to Remember When Buying Diaper Bags

Welcoming a baby into your home can be a joyful experience. It can also be a challenge, especially when it comes to choosing the right baby products. Between furnishing your nursery and preparing your travel gear, there's a lot to consider.

While diaper bags of the past may have been little more than padded duffle bags, modern diaper bags are far more stylish, practical, and easy to use. Before you settle for a standard, uninspiring bag, you'll want to consider a few key factors.

Let's explore the top things you'll want to remember when purchasing a diaper bag. 

1. They Don't Need to Be Dorky

While getting the perfect baby photo might be tricky, pulling off a roguishly good-looking diaper bag doesn't have to be. Diaper bags of the past may have been dorky, straightforward cloth messes that only accomplished in squashing things together.

But modern bags are entirely different. A glamorous multi-function diaper bag is no longer a new mother's fantasy, it's a graspable reality. 

Diaper bags have undergone quite a few changes over the last several centuries. Their development and usage are directly related to the invention of cloth diapers, which is difficult to trace to a specific point. 

A Brief History Lesson

Still, by the late 19th century, parents with access to industrial goods were enjoying commercially-produced cloth diapers. By the 1950s, disposable diapers would begin to take the world by storm.

Prams, strollers, car seats, and diaper bags followed in the wake of new diapering techniques and products. As society began to produce a burgeoning middle class, mothers suddenly had the means and gumption to take their babies out with them.

The first diaper bags were likely repurposed purses and satchels. But as young mothers continued to become more mobile, diaper bags became padded, soft over-the-shoulder bags with bright, child-friendly designs.

2. Diaper Bags Should Grow With You

Fortunately, choosing a diaper bag is easier than buying baby clothes. While infants will continuously grow out of their outfits, prompting parents to spend thousands of dollars on clothing during their first few years of life, diaper bags can grow with you.

While they might not expand or double in size, a quality diaper bag can last for decades and never look out of place. Traditional, frumpy bags with colorful animal patterns of baby-friendly designs might not be appropriate when your child is a teen.

However, a stylish and multipurpose diaper bag makes a great daypack, makeshift school bookbag, or shopping backpack. Insulated models with multiple compartments are particularly attractive for their multifunctionality. 

The next time you're browsing for the optimal diaper bag, ask yourself if you'd still feel comfortable carrying it around ten years from now. If the answer is no, you may be better off choosing a better-looking option.

3. They Should Be Durable

You might have the best-looking, most multi-purpose diaper bag in existence, but if it can't withstand multiple washes, excess weight, and tons of unexpected wear and tear, it might not be the right fit for you.

Motherhood (and parenthood in general) involves getting messy sometimes, even if you're typically neat and tidy. Your little one may tug, spit, vomit, urinate, or defecate on your diaper bag at some point down the line.

As such, you'll need to choose a diaper bag that:

  • Repels moisture or is water-resistant
  • Is insulated to keep belongings cool or warm
  • Wipes clean with a mild soap or cleanser
  • Is rugged enough to withstand multiple washes
  • Doesn't show signs of wear and tear after a week

Accidents happen, and it's nothing to feel upset about. This is especially true when you own a durable diaper bag that can stand up to these challenges with ease. If you spot loose threads or flaps of fabric, just say no.

4. Diaper Bags Should Be Roomy

Parents searching for stylish diaper bags are often saddled with a sad truth: Fashion often comes at the price of practicality. Some of the most opulent and fashion-forward diaper bags are pricey, easily stained, and unbelievably small.

Fortunately, you don't have to make a trade-off between design and usage. Some of the most popular modern diaper bags double as backpacks or purses. They're waterproof but they're still miles above the traditional model when it comes to style.

Most importantly, these bags can carry more than a dozen liters of stuff without ripping or tearing at the seams. That's equivalent to around 40lbs of diapers, bottles, snacks, blankets, and back-up clothing.

Buy the Best Diaper Bags Today

Finding the best diaper bags for your child and lifestyle doesn't have to be an uphill battle. Using the above factors, you can zero-in on the ideal diaper bag. Remember, diaper bags are built to be used by adults, not babies.

As such, it's a fantastic idea to choose one that appeals to your style sense and preferences, not your child's. Additionally, a great diaper bag won't lose its function once your child is fully potty trained. It'll be multipurpose and multifunctional.

Another thing to look for when choosing a diaper bag is durability. High-quality diaper bags can withstand years of heavy usage without falling apart. Lastly, it's crucial to choose a bag that offers plenty of storage space for bottles, toys, and books.

In the future, you could use this space for just about anything, including snacks, work documents, or muddy shoes! If you're interested in learning more about designer-quality diaper bags, be sure to learn more about us today!

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