Fashion for Your Kid: Why You Should Let Kids Pick Their Own Clothes

Don't try to control all aspects of fashion for your kid. Instead, let them pick out their clothes and claim their style! Here's how to help them out.
As a parent or guardian, you're entrusted to make the right decisions for your children until they reach adulthood. However, you don't have to control every aspect of their lives—a bit of freedom is important to become well-rounded adults.
Instead of controlling fashion for your kid, why not let them pick their clothes? As long as they're dressed appropriately for the weather and setting, do the design and style of their clothes really matter?
If you're wondering whether to let your kids pick out clothes for themselves, we've got a few advantages here. Keep reading to learn why we think you should let kids pick their clothes.

Let Them Express Themselves

Remember being a kid? You were told to go to school, when to go to bed, what to eat, and more by parents, teachers, and other adults in your life. With the stresses of adult life, we can often look back at our childhoods with rose-tinted glasses, forgetting how frustrating this lack of control can be. 

No, your kids can't stay up all night watching Netflix or playing video games, but if they want to wear clothes you might not personally have picked out for them, where's the harm in that? 

Clothing is one of the few areas of life where children can be trusted to have a large degree of autonomy, so you may as well be a little more relaxed here.

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They Won't Complain About Wearing Them

It sounds obvious, but think about the time and stress this can save you. If your children took the time to choose their clothes, you know that they'll be wearing things they like rather than things you've bought for them without their input.

Even if your child's tastes do change, the clothes were their choice, so you can't be held to blame. Take some precautions before parting with your hard-earned money, and make sure while you're still in the store that these are definitely the right clothes.

Develop Individual Style

Depending on your child, they may want to fit in with their friends or stand out from the crowd. They might have a highly eclectic style or want every piece of Jojo Siwa or Paw Patrol merch in existence. 

Either way, it's their call. Regardless of what your child's into, you want to encourage them to grow into their people, right? Even if you're worried about them going along with the crowd to be popular, it's something they'll likely grow out of with time. Let's face it, they won't be listening to your opinions when it comes to what's in fashion!

Does your pre-teen's style choice make you sigh? Grin and bear it — it might change next week. You must look back and cringe at some of your more experimental hairstyles and outfit choices, so give your kid the pleasure of being able to laugh at themselves when they look back in the future too!

Makes Them Feel Mature 

If you treat your kids with respect and let them pick out clothes to wear with their friends or to the mall, they'll probably be more understanding on occasions when you do want to choose their clothes and feel more mature too!

If you want your child to wear the slightly lopsided sweater Great-Aunt Ethel knitted them when you go and visit for the day, they're more likely to comply without complaining - after all, 90% of the time, they can wear what they like. 

This even stands when it comes to your younger children's clothes — they're never too young to start! Even though you buy your toddler's attire, you can offer them simple choices: yellow jersey or green jersey to the store today? This way, they feel as if they're making choices for themselves when you're still really in control!

Teaches Budgeting

Let's face it — kids change their minds all the time. If they have a set allowance for clothes, it teaches them valuable financial skills, and you can monitor to make sure that they aren't blowing the whole sum on that pair of designer sneakers they have to have.

Depending on the age and maturity level of your child, you can plan their clothes-buying together. Sit down and make a list of everything your child needs, and from there they can decide on different styles, colors, and brands.

If they want something expensive or designer and the budget isn't big enough, maybe they'll have to save money or do some more chores around the house?

Make Clothes Shopping Fun

Do you remember following your parents around the store for ages as they looked around for new clothes? Boring, right?

Your kids probably feel the same way, particularly if they aren't given much choice when it comes to the clothes that you leave the mall with. If you let them have more choice in terms of the clothes you're buying, you can almost turn it into a game together. 

Have some fun looking around and trying to pick out the best clothes. Or even look online together — check out our Kawaii Collection, for instance. Instead of it being a chore, there's no reason why you can't turn clothes shopping into a way to spend some quality time with your offspring! 

Deciding on Fashion for Your Kid

These are only a few of the benefits of letting your child pick clothes out for themselves. When you next think about fashion for your kid, why not give them a little more freedom?

You can still involve yourself to a certain extent — why not give yourself the power to veto a set number of items, or even better, agree on some ground rules before you start looking for clothes?

If you're looking for some more advice and guides on being a parent, why not have a look at some of our other posts on our blog? Or, check out our products — you and your child might find their new favorite outfit!

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