How to Take Baby Photos That Are Absolutely Adorable

Capture all those moments forever with photography. Our guide shares all the tips and tricks you need to take adorable baby photos.
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Babies seem to grow at the speed of light!
In the blink of an eye, they turn from a newborn into a toddler. Unless you get photos, those first wisps of baby hair and quiet sleepy days are gone forever.

But professional baby photos can be incredibly expensive and they're not always the best way to get natural shots. Instead, get behind the camera yourself and start snapping away!

Make sure each of your photography sessions looks professional with our tips for photographing babies.


1. Set a Theme

If you want to set up a photo shoot, a theme is always a great idea! A lot of professional photographers use themes to make their shoots stand out and ensure they're always fun.

From a kawaii shoot, which is a favorite at Wriggleford, to simply choosing a color for your theme, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Take a look at what you have around your home or check out some of these ideas for inspiration:

  • Create a floral theme using real or fake flowers, and add a floral blanket for your little one to hold or snuggle up in.
  • Use kitchen items such as wooden spoons and a baking bowl to create a chef theme and use ingredients such as flour for a fun - but messy! - shoot.
  • For an under the sea theme, use a blue background, add sea creature toys, and add DIY coral.

Not everyone loves themed photoshoots, and that's okay. There are plenty of other ideas to create adorable little baby pictures.


2. Choose Cute Clothes

A key to capturing great shots of your baby is to make sure they're always wearing their cutest outfits. From adorable dresses to tiny rompers, pick out your favorite sets for your shoot.

Make sure the clothes are cleaned, ironed, and put on properly before you start snapping. There's nothing worse than taking 30 pictures before you realize there's a food stain on your baby's onesie!

If you prefer, you can shoot your baby in just a diaper for a natural look. These work especially well with newborns and when your little one is sleeping, creating peaceful snapshots of real life.


3. Add Plenty of Toys

Toys are a great addition to infant photography. Not only are they bright and usually visually appealing, but you can also snap shots of your little one playing with them. That always makes for adorable photos!

The toys will keep your baby busy too. They'll help keep tantrums at bay and make for a much happier photoshoot.

If you're stuck for what toys to include in your shoot, building blocks are always great for adding color and entertaining your little one. Or really up the cute-factor with an oversized plush toy.


4. Get on Their Level

When taking baby pictures, it's important you get on their level. Shots taken from above often look amateur and can be pretty unflattering for little ones.

Instead, set up a tripod at eye level with your baby. The tripod will make sure you get super sharp, steady pictures and you can find the perfect angle and height before you start shooting.

If you have a sleepy newborn, try to take pictures from the side at their level rather than above. These'll be much cuter and add a professional feel.


5. Know Their Happy Times

If you're looking to get more natural shots throughout the day, know what makes them happy. If bath time has your little one giggling and smiling, it's the perfect time to bring out the camera! Or if they look adorable when they're waking up, keep the camera nearby.

It's often easy to forget to capture these happy moments, but they're important. If you want cute photos, knowing when your little one's going to look adorable, be smiling, and definitely not be crying is a must! Find their happy times and choose these moments to bring out the camera.


6. What About Newborn Baby Photos?

A lot of these tips are best for babies who are a little bit older. If you've got a newborn baby, the way you capture them might be a little different.

Your newborn will be sleeping a lot, so here are some baby portrait tips for when your little one's napping:

  • Use blankets to create a soft, peaceful look to your pictures
  • Adjust the focus to blur out the background and make sure to focus on your newborn
  • Always light your baby from above, using natural light where possible
  • Play with the angles of your light to see how it changes the picture - but never light your baby from below
  • Use a macro lens to capture all the tiny parts of your baby, from their miniature toenails to an up-close of their sleepy face

When taking photos of newborns, you have the element of sleep on your side. Newborns sleep almost constantly, making this the perfect time to get some great shots! Play around as they sleep to see what you can capture.

Remember to Have Fun

Your baby will grow quicker than you realize, and capturing their growth is important for many parents. But while it's the dream to get perfect baby photos, remember to have fun whilst shooting too! Play with your little one and enjoy the time you're spending with your newborn.

For more baby and parent lifestyle tips, be sure to take a look at other articles on our blog, like our recent Mommy and Me post.

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