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Being a parent is the most important and responsible job you will ever have. It is unbelievably fulfilling, enjoyable, and incredible, but it can also be exhausting, demanding, and, at times, stressful! Mommy and Me is a concept created to promote mother and child emotional and physical well-being when this lovely relation is born. Not only mother but father, grandparents, or everyone who is an integral part of your family and close to your child is encouraged to develop an affiliation with the child.

As a parent, it is also important to make bonds with parents’ community to share and learn from other moms or dads’ experiences. An extraordinary method to do that is through Mommy and Me classes and programs!

Mommy and Me Classes & Programs

The greatest wealth of the primary age child is love. The feeling of security and confidence necessary for learning and life growth is achieved by giving them proper care and attention. Mommy and Me time is definitely your angel’s favorite thing, and the baby will find energetic and playful engaging activities in these sessions.


How & Where to find Mommy and Me Classes?

Wondering which Mommy and Me program would be the best fit for you and your little cutie-pie? How and where can you find the most suitable one? Don’t worry, just scroll down. 

  • Mommy and me yoga classes are helpful in babies and toddlers' muscle strengthening, making crawling and walking more comfortable for them. Most of the mommy and me yoga classes are held at private studios, but you can also check with your community centers.
  • Kinder music is not just like jelly and Nutella to ears but also helps children exploring new sounds and colors. Baby can play music with instruments, clap, and dance around. Baby playgroups in daycares and nurseries are the best places to enjoy these sweet sugary tunes.
  • Bond with your baby in Stroller strides. Light exercises, outdoor activities, and fresh air freshen up your baby’s mood. Community clubs and nearby parks, depending on where you live, are the best choices to have a pleasant walk with the child.
  • Painting, drawing, reading stories develop your children's gross and fine motor skills and improve visual, aural, tactile, and physical stimulation. Typically, these classes are offered at libraries, baby daycare, and community centers where these cute young ladies and gentlemen can make their days brighter.
  • Mommy and Me Gym class develops your baby's gross motor skills and helps to burn some of his non-ending energy in the fun environment. Check out gymnasiums near you or join maternity centers to have a workout with your little one.
  • Go swimming with your toddlers in kiddie pools of your municipality clubs and playgroup schools to enjoy the splash of water buckets, slides, and mini spa with your baby. Swimming helps baby muscle firming and provides quality mommy and me time.

Depending on your location, you can find several other engaging and multi-tasking activities around you by browsing Google Maps.


These activities are not only helpful for your baby's growth, but parents also get a chance to meet other parents. These programs allow learning from others' experiences creating a social support system. Mommy and Me classes give kids a feeling of confidence, social connection, pride, and accomplishment resulting in mental, physical, and emotional development.


Mommy and Me Outfits Collection

Probably there is nothing cuter in the world than little girls trying to look similar to their best role models, their mamas, and not forgetting the little gentlemen dressing up themselves as their fathers!


Every child is so unique and adorable, so should be the garments though girls require even more clothing than boys as these young ladies are fashion lovers from an early age and why not! The quicker they get stylish with fashionable clothes, the better. 

Mothers and daughters love to shop together in the stores; it is a beautiful experience for them to shop and share together. Each mommy wants to feel connected to her child. The best way to express maternity is by wearing matching clothes. It is fun and the ultimate pleasure to get dressed this way. You do not necessarily have to wear the exact identical baby-doll dress as your fairy. However, you can have fun playing with prints and different design elements, well-suited for your respective stages in life.

Twinning is winning with these beautiful, original Wriggleford mother and baby outfits. From matching jumpers to lovely characters t-shirts and pajamas, you'll find everything you need to get that twin look. Fascinating Mommy and Me sushi and comfy donut T-shirts are the cutest items to decorate your and your little one's wardrobe with. These matching outfits are the best options to wear in Mommy and Me classes and make cute gifts for any occasion. The pretty Mommy and Me dresses look so gorgeous and fit for baby birthday parties, family photos, special events, or vacation outings.

The recent trend for daddies is to get similar outfits to a newborn. Dear daddy, it is possible to have an elegant and attractive look for you and your baby with the Wriggleford pieces of high-quality fabrics.

The WRIGGLEFORD offers not only practical but also stylish clothing.


Kawaii Baby Collection


It is apparent that once your child is born, you must care about many issues. Baby born kids need a lot for their wardrobe. Babies can't express themselves, but their colorful clothes could be.

Our adorable Kawaii collection for infants, boys and girls make them look even more attractive with spring blossom, floral and butterfly prints. The cute kitty rainbows, colorful llama leggings, Mr. Rabbit rompers are some of the prettiest pieces to give your angels feel of comfort and pleasure. The Wriggleford cutest Kawaii collection, ranging from baby to toddler, is a blend of love, beautiful colors, and your kid’s favorite characters.

Make your child’s wardrobe brighter with us.

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